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How to Install the Pixelmon mod?
The most simple way to install the Minecraft Pixelmon mod is by downloading our official launcher watch the YouTube video on our website to get a better understanding of all the steps. You need to login with Mojang or a Microsoft account.

When downloading the launcher you won't see a screen defender message because we are licenced and verified by Microsoft "&" Apple. Your login data will go automatically to Minecraft trough their API.
What is the Pixelmon mod?
Pixelmon is a open world multiplayer Pokemon game combined with the features of Minecraft. You can build your house and also catch all 800+ Pokemon's. In this Minecraft mod you can play super competitive because all moves + mega forms are in it.

With the pixelmon mod you can create your own goals if that is to build a beautiful home or to capture all the Pokémon's the choose is really yours.
What is Pixelmon Image
What is Pixelmon Image
Pixelmon Servers
Looking for the most fun and child friendly experience join our official servers! when installing our game you can immediately play within 5 minutes.

Our servers are 100% lag proof and have features such as Custom landscape, Pokémon Radio, Voice chat, Marvel/Anime costumes and al Pokémon features like gyms, Elite fours, Battle Towers, Day care and even competitive showdown.
Our Pixelmon Discord! discord-icon
Everyone is welcome in our official Discord. Be a part of the friendly community or want to be up to date with our announcements join the discord!